Grouting new pavement areas

Pavement areas in public areas are the calling card of a city and shape its image.
A first-class surface beautifies the townscape and sets standards in the areas of security and accessibility. It should be visually appealing despite the constant traffic load and different weather conditions and remain functional as on the first day – and with as little effort as possible.
Grouting with HAAS®

The advantages of
grouting with HAAS®

The joint system HAAS® HP2-3K is permanently economical, extending the life cycle of a paved area.

HAAS ® HP2-3K is based on reaction resins,
is high-strength, durable storable
and is also used in unbound paving construction.

This is the ongoing maintenance cost of a paving area to be greatly reduced.
Also, the fast processing saves a lot of time.

Grouting with sand and gravel

Unbound joints of
sand and gravel

The unbound joint material is permanently washed out or sucked out by the influence of the weather and the use of sweeping machines. The resulting deep, open joints are clearly stumbling blocks for the road users and there are always accidents involving personal injury, in which the / the road operator / liability.

Furthermore, it comes to very strong weed growth, as well as shifts and subsidence, which can sooner or later lead to total loss of the paved area. The ongoing maintenance costs are enormous.

Grouting with cement

Joints made of cementitious grout

The bonded joint material, usually cementitious grout, seals the pavement. Surface water can no longer seep and must be discharged into the sewage system. Again a sealed area! Cement joint mortars are considerably burdened by the natural frost-thaw interaction and the use of road salt.

After some time, there will be chipping and breakouts of the joints. Also, the processing, especially the cleaning effort after grouting, enormously labor-intensive and time-consuming and leads to ugly gray shades on the surface.


Please understand that due to the many different paved areas, only a few practical examples can be illustrated. If you are unsure as to whether our product is also effective for your refurbishment, we are naturally at your disposal at any time.
Downtown areas and pedestrian zones
Encounter zones
roundabout traffics, bus stops
Natural and concrete stones
Terminals, platforms, hotel and driveways
Terraces, garden paths and balconies

You have questions about our product HAAS ® HP2-3K?

Jointing of unbound
areas with HAAS®

In the past, the principle was that unbonded construction also requires unbonded grouting
because bonded cement mortars are too "rigid"
and can not accommodate the unbound area movements, resulting in breakouts of the grout material.

The HAAS ® HP2-3K reaction resin based grout system is capable of accommodating many of these movements, allowing unbound pavement surfaces to be permanently grouted without sealing them.

Jointing of bound
areas with HAAS®

The installation of a hydraulically setting cement mortar is very laborious and time consuming. The "eternal laundering" after grouting is tedious and is accompanied by unsightly gray shrouds. The better the surface is washed after grouting, the more the quality of the cement decreases.

The joint system HAAS ® HP2-3K based on reaction resin is high-strength, absolutely frost-resistant, absolutely resistant to salt, extremely quick-acting after a short time and much faster to process than cement-based mortar.

information haas® HP2-3K


"Many of our unbound pavement surfaces came years ago with the product HAAS ® HP2-3K .
To this day, we are very satisfied. "
- City of Bozen
"We use grout HAAS® HP2-3K for the re-grouting and
maintenance of our paving, because this not only provides optimum functionality, but also sustainability preserved in the long term.
- Holding Graz
"Due to the simple and fast processing of HAAS® HP2-3K , the square meter per employee is very impressive and impressive. Also, the grouted surface must be can not be laundered after processing. "
- Swietelsky Bau GmbH
"We are very excited about the product HAAS® HP2-3K .
The fast, easy and above all clean processing makes our daily work much easier."
- City of Ljubljana
"Years ago we decided on the products of the company HAAS ® because on the one hand the quality was convincing and still convincing and on the other hand the service was excellent. We are well looked after and if necessary, an application engineer is always available immediately. ".
- City of Feldkirchen

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