To ensure the functional, reliable condition of operating areas and to avoid costly downtime, regular preventive maintenance is essential. From the customer’s point of view, preventative maintenance and servicing can also drastically minimize repair costs and the associated total operating costs.
operating areas are heavily used

Highly loaded
operating areas

Whether in heavy industry, the food industry, the automotive industry, warehouse logistics, in production or in agriculture, there are almost no soil that is not marked by permanent mechanical and chemical stress. Breakouts, chipped edges, level differences and potholes not only jeopardize the ongoing operation process but also very often lead to unnecessary accidents at work and associated financial burdens costs.

surfaces must be fully loadable as soon as possible

What matters
in a refurbishment

The goal of any business is to be competitive. The most important thing when it comes to renovating operating areas is time - because even the shortest downtime reduces the company's productivity. Therefore, it is very important that the rehabilitated areas are fully resilient after only a short time. And to stay that way permanently. If workers go out for a longer period of time, this can have very negative consequences. For this reason, it is important that accidents at work can be avoided.

rapidly curing renovation with HAAS® HP4-3K

The advantages
of HAAS® HP4-3K

The mortar system HAAS® HP4-3K has been specially developed for the maintenance, refurbishment and repair of mechanical, highly loaded operating surfaces of all kinds. The product is already hardened after a short time and fully loadable, whereby the shut-off times are very low. HP4-3K is very versatile and therefore used in various industries.

Application examples from practice

Please understand that due to the numerous different applications, only a few practical examples can be illustrated. If you are unsure as to whether our product is also effective for your refurbishment, we are naturally at your disposal at any time.
gateway before the renovation
gateway after renovation with HAAS® HP4-3K
difference in level before the renovation
no difference in level with HAAS® HP4-3K
unsafe and dangerous
fast and safe with HAAS® HP4-3K

Are you interested in a product demonstration on site?

truck loading station before the renovation
ground transition before the renovation
truck loading station after the renovation with HAAS®
ground transition after the renovation with HAAS® HP4-3K

information haas® HP4-3K


"Especially in the warranty period of projects, it is very often to settle the asphalt. With HAAS® HP4-3K we save time-consuming milling and remapping as the different Levels can be permanently and quickly adjusted. "
"Due to the simple and fast processing of the product HAAS® HP4-3K we can react very quickly and flexibly to outbreak sites."
- Funder Max GmbH
"We had massive problems to rehabilitate a pothole in an extremely busy area, all cold and hot mix always kept very short - then we tried it with HAAS ® HP4-3K and were astonished when it was able to withstand the strain even after 7 million crossings. "
"Since our surfaces are exposed to permanent forklift and ant traffic, we have HAAS® HP4-3K a very satisfactory solution for found. Not only the strength, but also the extremely short shut-off times are crucial for us. "
- Dachser Austria GmbH
"With the product HAAS ® HP4-3K we have the best grip on the constantly loaded access ramps of our forklift trucks."
- RHI Magnesita GmbH
"HAAS® HP4-3K is our" allrounder because we can use it anywhere and bind it everywhere. We compensate different heights and use it for pothole rehabilitation. Since the surfaces can be driven around so quickly, we can renovate at any time and are flexible. "
- Mondi GmbH
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