A large part of annual new paving would not be necessary by timely joint renovations.
The service life of many paved areas would increase many times over and, of course, also the cost-effectiveness. In general, the sooner the maintenance and repair of the joints begins, the more efficient the overall maintenance and total cost of a paved area.
Damaged joints

Damaged joints -
what will happen?

In most paved areas, in particular
in heavily loaded areas such as roundabouts, bus stops or pedestrian areas, frost-thaw interactions, de-icing salt and enormous shear and shear forces destroy the joint material.

Broken joint material sooner or later leads to a temporary and pre-mature effect All costly total loss.

The stones become loose, surface water, frost and de-icing solutions penetrate into the superstructure and dangerous subsidence occurs, which represents a great risk of accidents for all road users.

Renovation with HAAS®

Why a rehabilitation
with HAAS® works well

The advantage lies in the fact that HAAS HP3-3K - in contrast to cementitious grout - adheres from a very small joint depth and expires on grain size or "to zero".

The joint system HAAS HP3-3K is high-strength, absolutely frost- and de-icing salt-resistant, sweeper- and high-pressure cleaner-resistant and fully loadable after a short time. Another significant advantage is the faster processability compared to cement-based mortars.

The rehabilitated area no longer needs to be extensively aftertreated and washed, which makes it possible to achieve an extremely large square footage.

Renovation with cement

Why a rehabilitation with cement does not work

As every street-conserving institution usually knows from personal experience, joint repairs with cementitious or hydraulically setting grout are not effective because the old joints can not be completely removed and thus the existing joint depths are insufficient for maintenance with cement joint mortar.

Furthermore, the paving process is timeconsuming due to the complex post-treatment or the washing of the bricks, which leads to high personnel costs.

Experience has also shown that surfaces renovated with cement need to be recontoured almost every year ,

Application examples

Please understand that due to the many different paved areas, only a few practical examples can be illustrated. If you are unsure as to whether our product is also effective for your refurbishment, we are naturally at your disposal at any time.
Joints before the renovation
Joints after the renovation with HAAS®
Joints after the renovation with HAAS®
Joints after the renovation with HAAS®
Joints before the renovation
Joints after the renovation with HAAS®

Are you interested in a
sample area on site?

roundabout traffic before the renovation
pedestrian zone after renovation with HAAS®
roundabout traffic after renovation with HAAS®
pedestrian zone after renovation with HAAS®

information ABOUT haas® HP3-3K


"We tested a wide variety of paving mortar. With the grouting systems of HAAS ® we finally found a product with which we can redevelop our paved areas in the shortest possible time. The short curing times make our job much easier. "
- Styrian state government
"On our main square there were always accidents and related injuries. For us as street keepers, the problem has been solved since using HAAS ® HP3-3K . Furthermore, the areas always look neat and well-kept. "
- City of Frohnleiten
"Several times a year we had to repair our paved areas by time-consuming slurrying / refilling. Years ago we found a solution with the paving grout HAAS ® , which significantly increases the life cycle of the paving joints. While our time spent was greatly reduced, both accessibility and security increase enormously. "
- City of Feldkirch
"In our opinion there is currently no better fugue on the market than that of HAAS ®."
"The company HAAS ® offered us years ago the possibility of a free sample area in our community.
The grouted area is still in perfect condition. With a clear conscience, we can recommend the product. "
- City of Innsbruck
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